What We Do


Many people have the idea that "estate planning" is only for the wealthy. But this is a term that applies to nearly all situations in life, whether you're just starting out in the world as an adult, you've already retired, or you are at some point in between. If you have a child, a home, a life insurance policy, or even have debts, it's far better to have a plan in place than to allow an overworked bureaucrat to have charge of your affairs. 

We have a varied estate planning and probate practice. We work with young and old, single people, unmarried couples, and married couples. We meet all types of needs, including:

  • Clients who need basic documents prepared to provide for each other and any children;
  • Clients who need everything from basic tax-planning to clients who need more complex tax-planning, such as life insurance, education, qualified personal residence or charitable trusts;
  • Clients who need to protect their spouse/partner when the biological family members do not approve of the relationship;
  • Clients who need to establish parental rights regarding children being raised in a non-traditional family; and 
  • Clients who need their estates to be resolved and properly administered after their deaths, thereby ensuring their desires and directives are fulfilled.


Services that we can provide to our clients include, among others:

  • Estate Planning
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives
  • Transfer Tax Planning
  • Probate and Trust Administration
  • Tax-Exempt Organization Formation and Management


For more detailed information about our services, or for a better understanding about planning your estate, please click here for our Resources page. 


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